Pathway Improvements at Blackmoorfoort Reservoir

The scenic walking path running all along Blackmoorfoot reservoir, to the south-west of Huddersfield, has just received some improvements.

Arranging a virtual meeting – Few dos and don’ts of video conferencing

We might not control humanoid robots from the comfort of our couch like the movie Surrogates in 2009 but there is definitely an increase in our daily interactions, both personal and professional through virtual means of communication. As an increasingly large number of business owners embrace several forms of virtual events as a cost-effective means to achieve a handful of business goals, it is also vital to ensure at the same time that effective communication is not traded for bottom-line savings.

Stagecoach – Engineering Management Programme

In a bid to make further provision for a more reliable service their commuters can enjoy, Britain’s largest bus operator, Stagecoach, has endeavoured to enhance its engineering standards. Stagecoach is the only major bus operator in the UK to put into place a new Engineering Management programme, to be undertaken by all existing and new bus engineering managers across the UK.

Why Move Over To Cloud Services With Microsoft Azure?

If you are a business owner considering moving your IT processes from an in-office setup to a cloud-based system, it can be difficult to know where to start. The award winning Managed Services Provider, Netitude, have put together this infographic to guide you through the processes of moving over to the cloud, and highlight the reasons why you should choose Microsoft Azure as your Cloud Provider.

The Wildly Successful Tech Start-Ups You Never Hear About

When one just takes the time read up about Silicon Valley culture, particularly the funding culture, it would only be natural to think that that community is made up of a bunch of nutters. The amount of money which is poured into ideas is insane and what’s perhaps even more insane is the manner in which the hedge funds go about allocating funds, with their willingness to fund almost any start-up based on the premise that one out of about ten goes on to be so successful that it pays for the funding of all the other eight or nine funded start-ups which weren’t quite as successful, if at all.

Waste Management for Small Businesses in the United Kingdom

Why hire professional waste disposal services in the UK?

Due to the massive industrialization taking place throughout the world, environmental pollution has become a serious crisis. Pollution level continues to add up as small businesses, and factories dispose of their waste. According to the 2012 World Bank report, households and industrial waste will continue to increase in the future. The UK has a fair share of similar crisis due to increased industrialization.

5 Questions You Will Be Asked When Applying for a Business Loan

In an ideal world the bank would just handover cash with no questions asked. Wouldn’t that be great? Unfortunately life isn’t like that and when you need money to start or grow a business, you can expect to be grilled on a level unseen since the Spanish Inquisition.

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