4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Business Image

When it comes to making important advancements for your business, your brand image should not be forgotten. The aims of improving the image of your business could be manifold; whether it’s broadening your client base, improving sales and conversion rate, establishing your brand as a leader in your field, simply staying ahead of the competition, or a combination of all of these things. Here are few ideas to kick-start your business’s campaign of self-image improvement.

5 Questions You Will Be Asked When Applying for a Business Loan


In an ideal world the bank would just handover cash with no questions asked. Wouldn’t that be great? Unfortunately life isn’t like that and when you need money to start or grow a business, you can expect to be grilled on a level unseen since the Spanish Inquisition.

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Day Trading, Retail Style: Top Tips for First Timers


There are various ways to make money from financial markets and day trading is one of them, although it can be quite daunting for first-timers who often need a few pointers to learn how to try and trade successfully.

Thinking about and Beyond Gold: Is Silver the star of the Precious Metal Market?


Historically, gold has always been considered the star of the precious metal market. In fact, prior to the last decade gold has dominated this sector from an investor’s perspective, both in terms of demand and the delivery of solid ROI’s. The investment climate in this market has changed in the wake of the great recession, however, to the point where there is now greater awareness about the depth of precious metals and the diversity that they offer to investors.

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Create the Best Business Cards


Whether you plan to hand out business cards at a networking event or you want to leave some at a local coffee shop, these cards do not serve a purpose if they lack style. Instead of racing to just throw any words onto the card, take the time to choose a suitable template and to create cards that actually speak to the needs of your target audience.

What effect would a Brexit have on Higher Education?


On the 23rd June 2016 people in the UK will be voting to either leave or stay in the European Union. Research from an online money saving voucher website suggests that 64% of university students have concerns about travel and opportunities around Europe if we left and 48% feel neither campaign has given a clear answer as to how a Brexit will affect daily life. Website My Voucher Codes spoke to students currently studying at university to find out how they feel about the referendum and also what they think about the In campaign and Out campaign.

3 Ways Community Outreach Can Benefit Your Business


There are a lot of strategies you can employ to make your business more successful. However, not many of these strategies help your business while simultaneously helping those in your community and boosting your personal level of happiness as well. So when you do find something that can achieve all three of these things, it’s only natural to want to jump at the opportunity.

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