How To Protect Your Business Online

Complex passwords

It’s best to start with the basics, and make sure that all of the passwords that each staff member is using for any confidential files and systems are secure. A threefold approach to this will cover all bases, starting by updating passwords regularly. Choose a regular date once every month and make it the policy that all passwords have to be changed then. Secondly, use different passwords for each login. Using the same password might make it easier to remember but it creates a weakness in the system, as it means that if someone cracks it then they can access everything. Last but not least, use long and complex passwords. This means using letters, numbers, a mixture of upper and lower case and characters such as ! and & to make your password harder to guess. The longer your password, and the wider variety of different characters you use, the more time it would take for a hacker to work it out as the number of combinations that could fit increase exponentially with every extra character. Continue reading “How To Protect Your Business Online”

The Benefits of Taking Your Business Online

Still think that The Internet has nothing to offer your business?

Growing research is showing that even the most local “Bricks & Mortar” businesses can see significant gains by developing an online digital strategy. Nick Brown, member of the Information Technology Faculty of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and partner at Brighton accountants Plummer Parsons takes a look at the benefits it could bring to your business. Continue reading “The Benefits of Taking Your Business Online”

5 Important Insurance Types that You Should Definitely Have

Let me stop your yawn right there because insurance is not something that should be taken lightly. Yes, we tend to nod off a little when someone talks about insurance but if you don’t take measures now, your family will be looking at piles and piles of bills in the future. Every penny you save now means more flexibility and resources for your business and yourself. Continue reading “5 Important Insurance Types that You Should Definitely Have”

Should You Invest in Commercial Property?

Investing in commercial property can be a great way to earn a six-figure income. This is due to two reasons.

First, the real estate market in Australia is booming. If you invest in a property today, you can expect to make good returns 10 or 20 years from now when the value of your property has very likely doubled.

Second, many new businesses have set up in the last year while existing businesses are looking to expand their company operations. All these businesses need good commercial properties to set up their offices or stores. Continue reading “Should You Invest in Commercial Property?”

How Will Conveyor Systems Improve Manufacturing Efficiency?

The world of manufacturing represents an ever-evolving curve and it pays to be a winner. In terms of time, in-house operations and quality assurance, there are many steps which a business can take. However, one of the most important systems within any fast-paced environment are conveyors. From sorting and and storage to movements along an assembly line, the simple fact of the matter is that the industry as we know it would not be the same if these elements did not exist. Let us take a look at some of the ways in which conveyors can help to improve efficiency while simultaneously reducing in-house operational costs. Continue reading “How Will Conveyor Systems Improve Manufacturing Efficiency?”

Three of the Most Important Tools for a Construction Business

If you have recently started a construction business you will need some tools that will help you design a better building. You must not hesitate in purchasing these equipment as they will provide a safer workplace for your employees as well as a better finished product. Continue reading “Three of the Most Important Tools for a Construction Business”

On Business Finances: Here’s how Disaster Brings Loss, but Rebuilding Brings Benefits

In the interconnected economy of today, the economic outcome of a natural disaster is rarely restricted to the affected geographical area. Even when a natural disaster occurs thousands of miles away, you can feel the effect on your financial portfolio at home. Continue reading “On Business Finances: Here’s how Disaster Brings Loss, but Rebuilding Brings Benefits”