Sending the parcel through the mail you need to take care of the correct packaging, especially if it is a fragile product. Traditional packages that are used for parcels are boxes made of cardboard, polystyrene or polyethylene material. Things that are brittle are best placed in a solid package, shifting them with that cotton wool or shavings. Goods can be shipped in their original packaging. The main thing is that the packaging is able to preserve the original look of the goods, and was suitable for the size of the things that are sent. In addition, we must reckon with the weight and size of the parcel, so that there are no incidents of exceeding the limits.

Using Data

It is necessary to enter data into all the fields provided on the parcel. This, in turn, will speed up the work of postal workers, which will facilitate the prompt delivery of the parcel post to the destination. You always need a passport with you. Issued check by the post employee, you need to store until the parcel does not reach the addressee. When you send parcel to Portugal then you will be able to have the best options.

Make the List

You should know well the list of objects that cannot be overpowered. These are different types of weapons, harmful and dangerous substances for human health, cash denominations of both foreign and domestic banks, food that quickly deteriorate.

  • In case you need to pick up the parcel, it is necessary to take with you a passport or other identification document with an attached photo. If the person does not manage to come for the parcel, a person can come instead of him, which should be presented with a power of attorney.
  • There are situations when the parcel is lost. Then you should contact the postal worker or call the hotline. Subsequently, it is necessary to fill out an application for the search for a parcel. The application is written by the sender or a trusted person, not later than six months. In the case of proof that the parcel was lost due to a mistake by the postal staff, compensation can be demanded.

In order to hedge itself against the disappearance of things in the parcel, it is necessary to formalize the description of dominion. It is made in two copies, one is taken away by the sender and the other is invested in the parcel. With ParcelABC the options will be the best.

When sending a parcel from Portugal weighing more than 2 kg, you will need to fill out the declaration. The declaration specifies: the sender and receiver data, the declared value in figures and words, the type of content (gifts, goods, documents, etc.), a list of contents (broken down into categories, but without specifying each specific thing).

What kind of departure should we choose?

Now the most common types of departure for international parcels among handholders are the Small package, the recommended parcel and the parcel. Read more descriptions of all types of items here, and then the rules for sending international items.

Draw your attention that always choose the mode of transport – AIR, the difference in price is not significant, and in terms of much faster.