In today’s workforce, there are plenty of people who feel that they aren’t engaged in the work they do. Whether this means they’re on autopilot due to lack of motivation, lack of energy, or just a lack of desire, their disengagement can be detrimental not only to the bottom line of your business, but also to the attitude and innovation of your company. And although work may be carrying on as usual, if your employees don’t feel connected to the work they’re doing, there’s a lot of untapped potential going to waste. So rather than bringing in another round of Starbucks for everyone, here are three important ways you can keep your employees’ energy and interest up.


Give Their Minds A Break

Although it may seem counterintuitive to some employers or managers, allowing your employees to take a break from their work can actually make them more invested and productive at their positions. While you may fear that taking a break from working during office hours may negatively impact your company, Mike Michalowicz, a contributor to American Express Open Forum, shares that breaking the barrier between work and play in the office can do wonders for enthusiasm at work. So rather than encouraging your employees to bond over drinks after work or at a mandatory weekend office BBQ, allow them the freedom to unwind together during the work day on occasion to promote mental stability and creativity as well as healthy working relationships.

Become More Communicative

Many times, employees begin to feel a lack of energy and interest in their work because they either don’t know or don’t understand how they’re impacting the overall goals of the company. When this happens, one way to help your employees overcome these feelings is to better communicate to them the ways in which they are helping the company be successful. Recruiterbox shares that when you open up the lines of communication between management and the members of their teams, knowledge is better able to be shared between both parties that helps them realize how integral they are to the company, which can give your employees the boost they need to feel more energized about work.

Let Their Voices Be Heard

If your employees feel that they have little impact in the way the company operates with regards to their particular position, it isn’t hard to see why their interest in their position might be waning. For this reason, Allison Rimm, a contributor to Harvard Business Review, recommends allowing your employees to express any grievances they have about their job or the company in general and then give them to tools to rectify these problems. When employees are allowed to work to find solutions to their own problems, they become much more invested in their work.

When you feel the energy levels and interest coming from your employees is lacking, use some of the tips mentioned above to increase those levels to the appreciation of both your employees and your company.