For many businesses, a goal that can help increase sales, brand awareness and overall metrics is getting more visitors to your website. However, the well can appear to easily run dry after you’ve convinced yourself that you’ve exhausted all your options for acquiring new visitors.


Luckily for you, there are many ways to reinvent your marketing strategies in order to continually get new traffic coming to your website. The trick is to know what these strategies are. So to help those currently struggling with getting the amount of traffic they would like coming to their website, here are three ways you can begin seeing an increase in your website traffic today.

Instant Traffic: Google AdWords

If you’re looking to get almost instant traffic coming to your website, a great option for you is to begin running online ads either in places you haven’t before or to increase the money you’re currently spending on ads for a while. According to Derek Gehl, a contributor to, pay-per-click advertising is an effective way to get a high amount of inexpensive traffic coming to your website quickly. If you aren’t already, you may want to begin using Google AdWords to start seeing immediate increases in your site traffic.

Long-Term Traffic: Content Marketing

While using ads to get traffic to your website is a great way to see almost instantaneous rises in your traffic, there are also other ways to get traffic that may be more sustainable for a business that doesn’t want to spend a large amount on Internet ads each month. According to John Hall, a contributor to, content marketing will bring a business “long-term, continuous engagement” with their website.

Because this form of marketing takes time to establish and see success with, many business owners and marketers feel discouraged when they don’t see results like they would get with ads. However, if you can devote the time and effort necessary to make content marketing a success for your business, you can see massive increases in website traffic over time.

Use Social Media as Promotion

One way you can expedite the success of your content marketing strategies is to use social media as a catalyst for content promotion. If you choose to go this route, not only will your content get more traction, but you’ll also grow your brand through your social channels and communities.

Garrett Moon of KISSmetrics shares that a great way to get double the traffic when sharing your content through social media is to post the same content multiple times. As long as your content is providing value to your followers and isn’t spamming up their feeds, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to not promote your content multiples times over the same social media channels. The amount of traffic you can get from simply sharing content a few times will definitely make your efforts worth it.

Getting more traffic coming to your website can give your company the boost it needs to begin an upward trend of success. Use the tips mentioned above to help bring in more site traffic today.