Building a successful business website takes more than just a simple knowledge of web building.  Successful site builders understand that there are a few key elements to designing a popular and enriching website that every business should implement.  

There may not be one specific formula for success, but some things are generally beneficial to a site’s individual web presence.  Take a moment to read over this brief summary highlighting five key elements of a successful business website design.  

The power of building rapport

Building a sense of trust between a business and its consumers is very important, and a solid “About Us” page link is the best way to begin that endeavour.  This is the place to share a little inside information about a few of the key players in the organization.  

Let people see the good things they have accomplished or contributed to the community.  People should feel as though they can trust the business with their personal information, and know that there is always quality in the minds of employees.

Contact information keeps communication opened

People like to know that they are free to ask any questions they might have and actually receive an answer in a timely manner. This is exactly the purpose of a website’s “Contact Us” page link.  Place useful contact information here, along with a few secondary options for communication.  

In addition to the provision of general contact information, a company’s “Contact Us” page should provide a list of links to other key locations of the site, like the company blog, the homepage, and various social media profile links for the business.   

Mobile friendly design is a must

Gone are the days of pinching and swiping to see a certain piece of a website’s homepage.  Site designers should understand just how popular and common mobile access to the internet truly is among web users.  

A vast majority of people accessing the internet each day access it through some type of mobile outlet.  Make it a priority to design a mobile friendly version of the company’s website.  

Blog entries provide enriching web content

A website’s blog presence is paramount to building an intricate collection of backlinks for the website.  When bloggers post enriching and attention grabbing content, other bloggers will use their words as reference and add links to the posts they use.  This point of reference pulls in more visitors to the website and thus, more business.  

The homepage makes the first impression

A website’s homepage is the virtual face of the company.  It is the most important component of a functional and successful web design.  Web builders have less than ten seconds to grab the attention of viewers before they will move on to the next site.