Real estate is an industry that is useful in nearly every locale and can be quite lucrative for the dedicated and successful. While most industries have their ups and downs, real estate is one that can be fairly predictable with the seasons. If you dedicate yourself to this career and learn the patterns, you may be able to relish off-seasons and spend time vacationing. Alternatively, if you choose to become a landlord, you may only have a small amount of work on a daily basis. Included here are a few reasons to get involved in this exciting industry.

Investment Opportunities

Buying a property as an investment can prove beneficial for many years to come. By purchasing an apartment complex, duplex or home you will generate a continuous income stream for as long as you want it. You can hire an apartment manager so you don’t have to deal with any tenants and simply live off the revenue from your investment.


Flexible Realtor Hours

As a realtor, you are in control of your schedule and your work load. You take on properties as you want them and you show them when you are available. Of course, you will need to make your schedule accessible to the clients who want to view homes, so this could mean late evening and weekend hours.

Varied Income

For some, a varied income may seem detrimental, but for many realtors it is ideal. They enjoy the increased revenue they receive in the spring and summer and take time to travel in the winter. They work when work is available and have plenty of other time to do as they please. This is not a 9-5, year-round, desk job.

For landlords, income can be far more consistent. You have chosen to invest in or own a property that is rented out and it provides you with continuous income year-round. Depending on your willingness to hire out for maintenance and management tasks you can be very involved in the process, or hardly involved at all.

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Networking Possibilities

If you’re a people person,, you will love getting involved in real estate. Buying or selling real estate offers you opportunities to meet a substantial amount of people, and your personality can be the difference between a closed sale or no sale. Meeting many people allows you to expand your social circle and have more opportunities opened to you.

Job Security

While the real estate market does fluctuate, there is still a consistent need for professionals in this industry. If you choose to be a landlord you are almost always guaranteed to have work. Your involvement in land management can be investing in multi-unit apartment complexes or you can simply rent out your starter home when you upgrade elsewhere. You should always be able to find someone to fill the space and create an income stream for you with little effort on your part.