Designing a banner appears to be a simple thing on the surface. Just put together the words and images you need, print it, and display it. Easy. But surprising numbers of banners fall flat, as designers underestimate the planning and skill involved in making an effective banner.

In particular, there are certain things you simply must avoid doing if you want to create an effective banner. Here is what not to do with your banner design.

  1. Forget About Banner Placement

It is a mistake to fail to consider where the banner is going to be displayed. The positioning of your banner will affect the materials you use, the size, the colours, and the message. You must get the position clear first, and then you can continue with the rest of the design.

  1. Choose Pale Colours

Another mistake people make with roller banners is to use pale colours that do not stand out from a distance. A banner must be visible and the best way to use colour to create a highly visible banner is to use bright colours which contrast with each other, rather than blend in. Banner colours must stand out from each other, and also from the surroundings. Don’t forget about where the banner will be positioned when you are planning your colour scheme – a black banner will not work well on a black wall.

  1. Use Small Text

Another problem with banner printing is the use of text that is too small to be read or noticed. You need to grab people’s attention from afar. So, all of the text needs to be of a size that can be read from a distance. If you have smaller text on the banner you will need to expect that it will not be noticed very well.

  1. Use a Fancy Font

Intricate and delicate and experimental fonts are great in magazine work but you need to avoid them in banner printing. You must aim for readable and clear, so choose a font which stands out, is simple, and eye-catching. The worst fonts are thin and with plenty of embellishment. People simply cannot read them from a distance.

  1. Write Elaborate Copy

A banner is not the perfect place for testing out your new, in-depth review of a product. Keep copy short and simple. A banner is read by people who are walking or driving past. The copy must be a few words or a short section of text. Avoid putting paragraphs of text onto a banner.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/