You already have the business plan, and you might already have the money you need. You probably even already have backers, and maybe you’ve even got your website set up. But there are some other things you may want to invest in before you start telling everyone about your new business.


Getting more money may be one of the things you need to do, and you may want to take out an extra small loan to get together the things on this list. They will be well worth the investment and will help your business greatly.  

Business Cards

You need to have business cards. They are a great way to let people know about your business anytime you are out and about. You may think that the internet has made business cards outdated, but that just isn’t the case.

Business cards give you one more opportunity to tell people about your business and your website, that doesn’t require a social media addiction. Hand business cards to people, leave them in other businesses that will allow them and hang them on the board at your local laundromat.

Advertising Outlets

The internet isn’t the only place to advertise. While you do want to take advantages of things like Google Adwords and all of the social media websites, there are other options to take as well. Consider advertising in your local newspaper or local magazines if there are any in your area.

There are other places online to advertise as well. Consider working with bloggers that talk about things in the field of your business. They may give you great prices on advertising, and they might even be willing to review your business or allow you to do a guest post.

Brochures And Other Paper Products

Business cards aren’t the only paper products that can help your business out. If your business has a good amount of products or services that you do for people you may want to consider having a brochure that tells about these things.

Postcards are an excellent way to announce a business offline. You may also want holiday cards to mail to your customers. Customers love when a business takes a little extra time out to show they care.

Prepare For Trade Shows And Expos

Your brochures and other paper products will help you out a great deal when you start doing trade shows and expos for your business, and you should be doing them. These give you the opportunity to talk directly with the public and other business professionals to make more sales and find future customers.

You’ll need your paper items, as well as tables and chairs, and some of swag to set up for these. Consider pens and keychains with your business name and contact info on them to give out to your potential customers. People love free things.