For most people, Tiki Barber will forever be known for his exploits on the football field. The New York Giants running back holds the franchise record for most rushing yards and is a member of the exclusive 10,000 rushing yards club. However, he has also enjoyed plenty of success in the commercial world since hanging up his cleats in 2006.

After enjoying a few years of relaxation, Barber started up a b2b company called Thuzio in 2012. Essentially, the company helps major brands to view the commercial profiles of athletes and allows the opportunity for them to find the right talent for public appearances, endorsements and social media posts. It truly was a spectacular, niche business idea and one that has succeeded due to the technology era.

For example, a brand – in this case, Papa John’s Pizza, can use Thuzio’s online portal to view thousands of suitable sporting greats for their new, upcoming markets scheme. In the past, the pizza chain have used none other than Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning to advertise their products and while this deal may not have been done directly through Thuzio, this is the kind of service that Barber’s company provides.

In fact, many of his old NFL sport mates are on the Thuzio database – and many of the current stars will also join in the future. Cam Newton is perhaps the standout player in the NFL right now and ‘SuperCam’ has led the Carolina Panthers to 13 straight victories. The Panthers are priced at 7/2 with Betway to win the Super Bowl and you could take advantage of this price by midnight betting on the NFL shortly after the late matches finish. If Carolina were to win the showpiece event, it would surely convince Barber to approach Newton and sign him up to the Thuzio system.

Despite its success, Thuzio is yet to be seriously rivalled and Barber is currently sitting on a goldmine. The company is growing rapidly and Barber’s business nous will only improve given time. He’s already done a sensational job but, with the right guidance, Thuzio has the potential to become one of the best sport agencies in the world. There is no limit as to how far this company can grow and Barber knows it.