New research shows that around eight out of ten new businesses fail within the first two years. To make sure yours isn’t one of them, follow the key advice below and be a roaring success.

Successful businesspeople raising hands upward.

Concentrate on the little things

As a small business you have to focus on what you do differently to the big commercial businesses. So whether it’s that you appeal to a niche market or offer a more personal service ensure that this is the one thing you continue to do well and it will set you apart from the others. Although it can be hard to juggle everything, once you have the smaller tasks under control usually the big stuff takes care of itself and with a loyal following of customers you’re sure to be making money.

Order, courier collection and delivery

Good service is hugely important to customers and companies are beginning to rely more and more on internet sales. This means that the e-commerce side of your business needs to be functioning perfectly – from ensuring the orders and payments are going through correctly, right to the distribution process. Invest in some technical help to make your website as simple to use and aesthetically pleasing as possible. When it comes to the distribution, it’s best to outsource to a company with a courier collection service like TNT UK so that it makes delivering and returning parcels for customers as simple as possible.

Plan and prepare

Although it may not be very optimistic you have to plan for the worst. If you’ve got a contingency plan prepared for a financial crisis hopefully your business will be able to survive. It’s well worth ensuring you have enough money saved for if anything major should happen. Savings and strategies for things like if a new similar business starts up nearby are really valuable as these things can seriously impact on your profits.

Take out Business Insurance

Obtaining business insurance is a great risk management tool as it allows businesses to protect themselves from big financial disasters. Take out a policy which protects your business’ individual needs so whether you need protection from theft, accidental damage or business liability there will be a policy that best appeals to you. This gives you a safety net to some extent if you do get into any financial trouble.