As the demand for petrol and diesel has remained flat, the world is witnessing falling oil prices due to greater supply. Not selecting petrol and diesel has less to do with the costs of these fuels. It is more about choosing a cleaner, natural fuel that provide better energy, better mileage and do not harm the environment. Thousands of people who prefer not to spend their hard-earned money on new petrol and diesel vehicles opt for used cars. The others go for alternative fuels.

The most popular alternative fuel vehicles are electric cars, now famous because of Tesla and Ford. These companies have started working hard on providing cars that offer high mileage and run on electricity. Powered by a small battery, these rechargeable cars offer the sleekness and strength of a traditional vehicle combined with the aesthetics of a futuristic drive.

Hydrogen fuel is another popular option even though many big automakers are yet to make an entry in this segment. Hydrogen fuel is a smarter and more dependable option and provides better power than an ordinary electric car. Compressed Natural Gas or CNG is another option here. This fuel does not affect the performance of the car, and many countries are spending on public campaigns to opt for CNG vehicles. The good thing about CNG is that it can be used to replace both petrol and diesel.

Ethanol and biofuel are not very popular methods of fueling vehicles. However, with adequate research and funding, these two could be creating waves in the alternative fuel segment of cars and the day is not far when car manufacturers will provide you 3-5 fuel options.

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