No matter how big or how small a company is, building brand is of vital importance if you expect to grow your market share. Although there are a multitude of ways in which marketing firms can help you build a name for yourself (brand) and advertise what you are all about, there is nothing better than shared customer experience to authenticate your brand.

It’s a Question of Trust

Customers are your absolute best marketing tool because they hold the trust card. Your audience knows that you have probably hired a top notch marketing agency that can put together an amazing ad campaign. Marketers can say literally anything they want and make a company sound like the cream of the crop. Customers, however, tell it like it is.

If they are happy they will share their experiences willingly and unfortunately, the same holds true if they are disenchanted with your products or services. This is the reason why prospective customers trust what others are saying. It is unfathomable to believe millions are being paid to lie about products so customers hold the key to trust.


Moving Beyond Testimonials

For years businesses relied on customer testimonials to establish brand through customer experience. Almost every website has at least a few customer testimonials where a satisfied customer would write a short bit on how a product or brand served them well. This was, at the time, the best way to establish trust because it came from customers like themselves.

However, now there are easier and more effective ways to capture customer experience in order to help you build brand. Innovative platforms like StoryStream search the web for you capturing content in order to publish or re-publish what others are saying. It could be in the form of photos, social content or even videos that customers have published on the Web. StoryStream crawls and helps you find authentic content that you can use to build brand. Visitors to your site will see actual content that you did not pay to produce – it is the result of what real people are saying in the real world online.


The Key Is Authenticity

It is really hard to believe (trust) in something that doesn’t ring true. Yes, customer experience is one of the most important factors in building brand but that experience needs to be reliable. It needs to be authentic in the eyes of the visitors to your site. By this point in time everyone knows that customer experience (as seen nightly on television) can be produced with paid actors and it can be well scripted.

However, by gathering real stories from around the web and collating them into a brand-building collage, visitors can trust what they are seeing because it is authentic. It’s easy to track down the source of that content, be it videos, pictures or even blogs. This is authentic customer experience at its best and a vital part of building brand.

Testimonials are good, in their place, but authentic customer generated content is so much more trustworthy and thus beneficial. If you are looking to build brand, don’t ever underestimate the power of genuine customer experiences. Authenticity is the key to trust and there is your best approach to building a brand customers are happy to do business with.