Taking Out a Line of Credit

Lines of credit help you to pay for items that you don’t have the money for right off the bat. In other cases, someone might take out a credit line because they need to begin raising their credit score to improve their chances of getting loans and other financial aid. Regardless of what you’re planning to do with your line of credit, the first step is to apply for a credit card utilizing a good quality company. Continue reading “Taking Out a Line of Credit”

Guide to Fixed Rate Mortgages for First Time Buyers

Getting a mortgage for many first time buyers can seem impossible, especially with the news that it takes almost a decade for a quarter of first time buyers to save their deposit. Then there are the long lists of criteria set by each individual lender, which may make first-time buyers feel a little hopeless. Continue reading “Guide to Fixed Rate Mortgages for First Time Buyers”

What does let property insurance cover?

Let property is not the same as owner occupied property. The difference is clear and simple – you have tenants occupying a let property, rather than living in the home yourself. Continue reading “What does let property insurance cover?”

Holiday home finance – FAQs

Here we’ll be examining some of more commonly asked questions arising from holiday home finance.

Can I use my own residential property as a holiday let?

Typically yes – but there are a few caveats: Continue reading “Holiday home finance – FAQs”

Gambling Isn’t a Crime…In Most Cases

It may be more universally considered to be a vice, but by no means is gambling against the law – well in a lot of countries including the UK, that is. Since the fact that some things which are against the law are still widely practiced everyday in any case, why should the fact that gambling is considered to be a vice stop you from enjoying it? There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of harmless fun and in fact there’s nothing wrong with lots of harmless fun! Continue reading “Gambling Isn’t a Crime…In Most Cases”

We Help You Too launches the Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance

Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance productlaunched for bothHomebuyers andInvestors, in conjunction with Onesearch Direct, Northcott Beaton and Acasta European Insurance.

The innovative Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance provides building insurance in the period from exchange of contracts to completion for up to 28 days. Continue reading “We Help You Too launches the Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance”

Time to Trade Your CFD Trading Account for an Online Sports Betting Account?

It should be clear to you by now that we live in a world where the economic system favours those who endeavour to break free from the cycle of going to work every day to slave away for that weekly or monthly paycheque that’s just enough to pay off your bills. You need to invest some of your money into something that pays off in a way that doesn’t require you to break your back or put in the same amount of hours to get the same output. Continue reading “Time to Trade Your CFD Trading Account for an Online Sports Betting Account?”