Buy-to-Let with Success: Top Tips and Advice for UK Real Estate Investors

Buy to let investors have enjoyed some success in the UK in recent times with rising rents largely keeping pace with rising property prices in certain areas, especially the capital city. Continue reading “Buy-to-Let with Success: Top Tips and Advice for UK Real Estate Investors”

Craft Projects for Your Printer

Summer is almost here and if you’re already worrying about what to do with the kids, then stop worrying and start reading. If you’re planning the odd at-home day and you have a printer – laser or inkjet – you can keep yourself and the children occupied and do something useful! Head over to Cartridge People for toner cartridge and inkjet supplies and get creative! Continue reading “Craft Projects for Your Printer”


On this website we are all about diversity and development moving forward with close regard to the environment. If you look through some of the material here we talk about finance, investment and entrepreneurial projects. It’s good not to get too technical albeit there are there are some super products available on the market and technology doesn’t stop for anyone. Continue reading “Plasticity”

Advice for People who Are Interested in Investing in Commercial Property

Investing in commercial property can be very lucrative if you do it right. The residential property market is going through a bit of a shakeup at the moment, especially for those looking to buy to let, so it can all seem a little confusing. Here’s some valuable advice for those looking to invest in commercial property: Continue reading “Advice for People who Are Interested in Investing in Commercial Property”

Stand and Deliver

You will either have to forgive me or at least be a little understanding. At my age, mid-fifties, you would think I should know better, but I obviously don’t. My kids understand me because I raised them on comics, fantasy, science fiction and a few incredible stories of my own. That’s why when they said, “Dad, are you coming to Comic-Con with us this year?” I couldn’t say “You bet!” quick enough. Continue reading “Stand and Deliver”