Mega-lender Wonga hires new CEO for its South African business

Giants of the payday loan industry are in the midst of sweeping changes at the company. After the departure of three company veterans in the last couple of years, their South Africa operation (formerly run by company founder Errol Damelin among others such as Jonty and Kevin Hurwitz) has hired a new CEO named Brett van Aswegen. He joins the company at an important time, and doubtless he’s had a lot on his plate since starting in May for one of the world’s leading providers – have served their loans online to over 1 million South Africans.

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Keeping Employees Motivated


Keeping employees motivated is one of the key challenges for office management. You want the very best from your employees, and in turn you need to give them the very best in order to ensure that they feel their productivity is valued.

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Things to Consider Before Expanding your Business Abroad

Expanding your business is a great sign of success, and many businesses decide to expand their businesses on an international scale as part of their marketing and growth strategy. If you are considering expanding your business abroad, then it’s recommended that you take plenty of time to consider the limitations and challenges that you may face and plan accordingly. Continue reading “Things to Consider Before Expanding your Business Abroad”

How to market yourself as a translator (or any other freelancer)

Becoming a freelancer is a dream for many who work their ‘normal’ 9-5 every day. The ability of being your own boss, working from pretty much anywhere or deciding on how and when one wants to work surely appeals to a number of people. This however is easier said than done. When starting, finding your first clients and companies to work with is a difficult task, which can definitely take a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, a great example of a professional group which mastered the art of freelancing are translators. Some of the professional translators who manage to find their way in and offer services, start working with the largest translation agencies such as Translation Services 24 or Language Reach. However, in order to work with such companies, it takes more than just being great at what you do. Continue reading “How to market yourself as a translator (or any other freelancer)”

A Winding Path to Success

Success rarely comes easily. It is very rare to meet an entrepreneur who sets up their first business and becomes a success. The vast majority have tried multiple ways of making money before they are successful.

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Advance Your IT Networking Career – CCNA Certifications

Anyone working in the field of Information Technology knows that you need to have an entrepreneurial spirit in order to succeed. Technology is advancing at the speed of light and if you want to always be assured of being in demand, it is essential to think well outside the box. One thing this may mean is staying ahead of other techies with the latest training in your field.

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How Sleep Deprivation Can Affect Your Job Performance

Not getting enough sleep at night? Burning the candle at both ends? Your lack of sleep could be affecting your job performance.

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