Whether you plan to hand out business cards at a networking event or you want to leave some at a local coffee shop, these cards do not serve a purpose if they lack style. Instead of racing to just throw any words onto the card, take the time to choose a suitable template and to create cards that actually speak to the needs of your target audience.


Make It Match

Your LOFT business cards do not have to be identical to your website, social media accounts or other marketing materials. However, a sense of cohesion does help customers to better recognize you. When they see your business cards, they may recall a fond experience that they had at your store in the past, or they may remember seeing your website. You can make the material match by including corresponding colors, images or a slogan.

Branding Efforts

Even if you do not have other material to match with the business cards, you need to include branding efforts on these little pieces of heavy paper. For example, if you include your company slogan and logo, people are more likely to remember you. Even if they do not take a business card, they may see the information elsewhere later and have a greater draw to it. Remember that you are marketing toward both people who take the card and who do not.

Succinct and Detailed Enough

When people pick up business cards, they are not hoping to read lengthy pieces of information. They want to obtain the information that they need to convey their products, services and contact information to the recipient. Therefore, you should include those details as well as a web address where interested parties can go to learn more information. The goal of the business card is to convey the relevant and necessary information in as pithy of a way as possible.

Match Your Business Tone

The cards should also match the tone and formality of your business. While bright colors and a curly font can work well for a daycare, they can seriously hurt the business prospects of a lawyer. On the other hand, doctors can use dark colors and a bold typeface, which would likely turn away people who are looking to spend the day at an amusement park. The style of the business card should match the formality level of the products or services that your company is offering.

Putting contact information on a business card is not enough to attract the attention of target audience members, especially if the cards are left out for people to take at their leisure. Instead, you should reserve some time to sit down and develop a marketing plan for your business cards.