Business owners, CEOs, and managers are often overwhelmed with work. If you’re in this position, you may find that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done that you need to do. You are probably on the lookout for ways to free up your time so you can focus your energy on what you do best.

One of the options to strongly consider is a DCIM solution.

Supervising thousands of IT assets can be stressful. You need information and insight, and a Data Center Infrastructure Management solution provides this.

The modern data center is a complicated place driven by complex interrelationships between assets. You need to be able to understand these and manage them effectively, as well as getting visibility into the IT infrastructure.

In short, DCIM will enable you to do this. But there are many myths about DCIM software, and here are some of the most prevalent and how they stack up against the reality for your business.

It Just Involves Managing Energy Consumption

DCIM started out as a way to manage energy consumption and reduce it. It was designed for basic monitoring of energy usage and reporting. But while this is still true, DCIM software has gone well beyond this.

It now integrates various types of management, like systems management and facilities management, and it is transforming the management of the IT ecosystem.

So yes, it can certainly reduce energy consumption and cut energy costs. But DCIM solutions can also help with asset management, risk management, supply chain management, and much more.

All You Need Is Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring is very important for your data center. It gives you information on what you need to know about what is happening at any given point, and it can help to prevent disasters from occurring.

But you also need trend analysis for short-term and long-term planning. This can help you to discover patterns, improve planning, save costs, and more. This long-term information can provide information on the fragility of the systems, and it is essential.

It’s Only Used to Monitor

The idea that you just use DCIM to monitor is a prevailing myth. But monitoring and managing are not the same things, so don’t mistake them.

Monitoring energy usage, for example, gives you data but no context. But you need to make sense of that data. Managing this requires more detailed information with context.

You need to know about the interrelationships between assets, the information that you can use to take action immediately, and this is what a DCIM solution provides.

It’s Cheaper to Use the Cloud

This is often heard, but it is not always the case. Actually, the public cloud can be more expensive, and there can be lots of hidden costs that arise. Implementing applications and integrating them can be very expensive, and some applications are expensive to run, so keep this in mind.

Time to Invest in DCIM Software?

There are many myths surrounding data center infrastructure management, as this article shows. Don’t let these prevalent myths stop you from investing in the right solution for your organization.

Understand the realities and the huge benefits that can come from implementing a DCIM solution, then start looking for a solution for your organization so you can take advantage of all the benefits.