Taking absolutely nothing away from conventional and traditional marketing tactics, especially those which are specific to certain industries and have proven to work time and again, the dynamic nature of the world we’re now living in requires of those of us who are in business to go beyond conventions and try to reach consumers at a level they’re increasingly becoming more accustomed to. It’s no longer enough just to take out an ad on the radio for example, so too something like aspiring to break the marketing budget and air an advert on prime time television.

These days with so few people consuming traditional media in a manner they did just a few short decades ago it’s just not worth the blanket approach any more. That’s taking a huge risk with very little up-side potential, which can have you appearing to be busy but not quite making the desired impact on your targeted market.

As alluded to, there are indeed some traditional marketing methods which you’d be crazy to let go of if you’re operating in specific industries and markets, like how alcoholic beverage producers simply have to fight for the market share that develops around sporting events. I mean 99 out of 100 times a spectator watching their favourite sports team at home is likely holding a beer in their hands or something like that, which means during the ad breaks which air around the sporting event if you’re one of these producers of alcoholic beverages then you’d most definitely have to find a way to reach this typical avatar of your target market. Whether it’s billboards with your brand or outright commercial ads aired at half-time or as part of the build-up or post match presentations, these are traditional marketing methods which will continue to deliver results.

Now comes the consideration of how you can go beyond these typical conventions with your marketing tactics, more so because you kind of don’t have a choice in the matter. It’s sink or swim or start running at a leisurely pace to stand still. Anything slower than that and you’ll be left behind.

The modern day consumer wants to be wooed, to put it bluntly and if you’re not the one doing the wooing, your competitors are. Modern day consumers want more – they want to feel empowered and the best way through which to satisfy this desire in them is to give them some courtesies.

Freebies, complimentary gifts, bonuses – whatever you choose to call it, consumers want it and this is the new standard by way of marketing tactics which for now still count as going beyond convention. Think about it from the point of view of the consumer – if you’re into hitting the online casinos, the Bitstarz bonus code 2018 has on offer for you makes you feel like you’re getting a whole lot more for the value you’re paying for, only because you are indeed getting more in this instance. That feeling of getting more – that’s what consumers want.