A few months ago I took part in a Business World conference in Spain. I had never been to this particular conference before and was really intrigued to see what all the fuss was about. Business World took many of procedures from thirty day procedures down to just 2 or three days; everything was laid out in front of me like a map. There were so many interesting topics, areas of expertise and areas of discussion that I could not keep track of all of it. It was quite a seminar for sure!

We discussed new normal areas such as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Virtual Commerce along with many topics that are still hot topics in business world today. These include: Online Marketing, Cloud Computing, Social Media and Mobile Computing. There were many topics that were new to me such as; Video Conferencing, Mobile VoIP, e-Commerce, Innovative Banking and other areas. These topics are not always brought up in the business world, but when they are these topics can become very exciting and can spur the start of new innovation and change. And it is happening right now! In fact, we are already seeing many businesses that are adopting this new business methodology.

So, let’s talk about what we learned about Business World from my experience. First we discussed the term “As a Verb.” As a verb, this phrase means; to provide value, solve problems or do something that adds value to the life of another. When you use this phrase in the business world, you are actually describing what you did to help another person. It shows the business person as an appreciative partner who sees beyond the transaction or interaction itself.

Next we covered the term “Business Grapher” which simply means a person who analyzes business jargon, business processes and trends. This person uses their findings to create reports, charts and other visual aids. So again, we have a creative business writer here using their creativity to provide value to another party. The key point here is, that they use language, processes and trends they learn while engaging in the creative process to report findings. Again, this is helpful to the company that they work for!

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to the overused phrase “I’m not so Money Wise.” This overused phrase should be avoided, it does nothing to help the speaker to make them sound tired and out of touch with their core competency level. I personally don’t use this phrase much, I prefer to describe people who are financially savvy and more attuned to their core competency. This seems to be a more apt phrase to use if we want our leaders to truly become Money Wise leaders.

In addition, all of the business jargon I mentioned above is only considered overused when used so rarely and in such specific situations. For example, we often say to each other, “What’s your price?” However, rarely do we say, “Your price is my price.” Those are two different situations, and both deserve to be highlighted and discussed because they highlight the true value in our business and in ourselves as human beings.

What does all this talk about overused or tired business jargon really have to do with what you hear about some so called “Guru’s” in the business world. Do you know what I am getting at here? You see, all of the marketing gurus and business gurus out there are merely tools, along with a strategy and a plan to help you reach your desired result. They are not leaders. They cannot lead unless they can back up all of their claims with action.

Therefore, instead of listening to these well intentioned and very intelligent sounding phrases, why not consider instead how you can become a leader by doing just what I just mentioned. That is, by simply putting forth a plan and implementing it with action. If you implement that same simple strategic plan, then you can be sure that you will indeed become a guru.