The internet has had an enormous impact on everyone and on businesses most of all. For those that started out more than 20 years ago, before the gigantic global reach of the net, the struggle to adapt has been hard. Their businesses may have started out with a broad customer base in their local jurisdictions, but while other businesses have learnt to use the internet to increase their global reach, they have floundered and experienced business debt. Learning to use the internet to your advantage isn’t easy, but once achieved the advantages are enormous.

For those that struggle, business debt can often lead to problems paying HMRC, administration and company liquidation. If you check out the this infographic you’ll see 5 industries with businesses that have learnt to survive and come out on top, and hopefully provide a little inspiration. It was produced by – they provide debt solutions and debt advice to struggling businesses.

How 5 Industries were Changed By The Internet

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