A HPI check involves gathering past details about a particular vehicle in order to determine its exact history and whether it is legitimate or could be stolen. It is a useful tool used by many prospective car buyers who want to ensure that the vehicle they are interested in is a good buy. Here are some of the ways a HPI check can save you money.

Age of the Car

The first thing a HPI check can determine is the age of the car, and how many previous owners it has had. Since older cars tend to need more servicing and are more likely to break down, they can be more costly than newer used cars in the long run.

It is worth knowing the age of a car so you can determine how much you are likely to spend on maintenance and whether it is worth buying at all. Since age can often be a hard fact to determine, a HPI check can often be the only way of finding out a vehicle’s true age.

Is it Stolen?

Buying a stolen car will nearly always be a bad investment, given that it could be seized by authorities at any given moment, even if you are unaware of its status. A HPI check will immediately tell you if it has been recorded as stolen, which will hopefully deter you from purchasing it in the first place.

Even if you have already purchased it, you can report it before it is seized and you should be able to get a refund from the seller with relatively little fuss.

Outstanding Finance

You can also check if the car has not been fully paid for by the previous owner by ascertaining if it has outstanding finance. The last thing you want when buying a vehicle is added cost which was hidden when you bought it.

The HPI check will also determine its MOT history (where available), which will  help to highlight any specific problem areas which may need your attention in the future. It can also show you if/when the vehicle has had a number plate change, which is fairly common nowadays.

A HPI check costs relatively little money compared to the amount of money you could save in future repairs and maintenance for the vehicle you are interested in. It can paint a vivid picture of the car’s history, and tell you everything you need to know before you buy.