The inter net is absolutely awesome. Let’s face it – EVERYBODY thinks so. Over the past few decades its worldwide domination has become more prominent than ever as literally billions of people now have access to the alternate electronic universe that we now have available at the palm of our hands. Anything you can do in real life, you can do on the internet…well, I suppose that’s a bit of a fabrication, it’s probably more accurate to say that anything you can do in real life, you can do a version of on the internet. The real trick is, that some of the things you can do in real life, you can actually do more successfully on the internet…most people would apply this logic to dating, but in actual fact, making money is essentially easier, and definitely has the capability to be far more successful than your efforts at attaining it in real life.

Virtual casino. Online gambling. Laptop with dice and chips.

The key, as with anything, is knowing what to spend your time on and how to spend that time wisely – some things just don’t work very well, whereas some things really DO.


I’m not talking about fruit and vegetable markets, I’m talking about E-commerce (for those of you who don’t know…that means commerce. Electronically.) E commerce is now quite possibly the most valuable trading avenue modern companies have at their disposal, but when it comes to a more practical and personal level, you can literally turn anything in your house into money. Old chair? Sell it on eBay. Bored of your watch? Put it on gum tree. The beauty of the internet is its accessibility, and you can literally access it anytime, anywhere to turn old items into cash. Even if you’re a business, by establishing yourself on eBay as a registered trader you can instantaneously open your self up to millions of potential buyers rather than just keeping yourself local.


Yeah, for real – you CAN make money by using face book, twitter and instagram! But only if you use them wisely…

The key is to set up a business page, ideally selling something people actually WANT, either as an extension to an already established business, or as a business in its own right, and share to the high heavens content that both engages people and markets what you sell and your company values. The more people like you online, the more likely they are to buy into your business in real life, and the more they like you in real life, the more they’ll want to follow you online. What’s the point in it all? More revenue. Bigger audience, more people to sell to, more awareness, more money!


Love it or hate it, believe it or don’t – you CAN make serious money through gambling with free casino promotions from reputable operators like William Hill casino or gaming club casino along with some other popular online casino websites. Online gambling has reached stratospheric heights over the past decade and shelled out some frankly unbelievable jack pots in the process, pair this with other E gambling sites and you’ve got the perfect avenue to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your own living room. Most people are even trading in their lottery tickets for the online version!


Got a business? Create a website. Now. Make sure the name of the site and it’s various sub headings and contents are labelled in such a way that they earn a high spot on Google’s ranking system, tie it in to a strong social media presence, and you’ve instantly got your self a potential gold mine. I’m not just talking covering your bills either, create a product that’s sought after enough and get it out to a big enough audience, and you’ve got an absolute fortune at your fingertips!

All of these avenues are seriously effective and worth trying if you’re serious about making money – I highly recommend you try them as soon as possible.