I’ll be the first to admit that there are many of us who identify as motivational speakers or simply as speakers, but it takes a special kind of speaker to refer to themselves as an orator. Referring to oneself as an orator indicates a strong desire to realise some serious career advancement and distinguish oneself from the many pretenders to the motivational speaking sphere. People think it’s easy, so that’s why many people will slap the title of motivational speaker alongside whatever other hustle or profession they’re involved in.

However, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of earning one’s living as a speaker, a much harsher reality presents itself to even the most confident amongst us. Try merely speaking to a crowd of primary school children and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, but just for good measure, consider that gig one which would have you taking into account the teaching staff and perhaps some parents who are part of the PTA!

The content matter you deliver will have to appeal to those different demographics, each of which is hard enough to appeal to in isolation. You have to take into account the varied attention spans, etc…

With that, the first interesting job orators can take up is that of talking to children. It can be a lot of fun, but it is definitely challenging. Don’t think it’s at all easy, especially since it won’t be the children themselves who you’re talking to who will grade your performance, but rather the organisers of the speaking engagement.

Another interesting job for orators is that of being a spokesperson. That may sound like a mere synonym for “speaker” or indeed “orator,” but there are layers of complexity added into the mix when you consider exactly whose spokesperson you’ll be.

Do you fancy taking the place of the spokeswoman for the president of the United States, at this particular point in time? If not, then why not? You’d still be getting paid for it, no doubt handsomely at that. It would also make for a serious test of your speaking skills and give your record some serous clout, no matter what the perception of the sitting (or outgoing) president may be.

You’d be judged on your skills as an orator, not necessarily judged on your underlying political views – feigned or otherwise… You don’t even have to look that high up; the local mayor’s office could probably do with a skilled orator to become spokesperson…

So, after redeeming your UK no deposit bonus to perhaps take a punt on an online casino platform that offers live games, as a speaker don’t you just wish you could take up the job of the host? The guy or gal spinning the Live Monopoly wheel is nothing more than someone who is blessed with the gift of the gab and, as an orator, that’s a skill which you have likely come to master.

Being a live betting casino host or croupier definitely goes down as an interesting job orators otherwise don’t even consider.