Launching a new product can be nerve wrecking.  If your company is already established, then the pressure might not be as bad.  If you’re just launching a new product or service cold turkey, then you may need to do a little more preparing.  With the right preparation and research, you won’t have to fear your launch date.  Here are a few tips to get you well on your way to success.

Start Early

If you plan on launching a new product, you have to be ahead of the game.  Start every effort possible before you ever set a launch date.  You should start putting the word out about your product anywhere from six to eight weeks in advance.  You could try making the product available to influential supporters.  This way, they can spread the word to other affluent individuals, and test your product at the same time.


Know Your Competition

You should have begun studying your competition before you even developed your product or service.  If not, now is definitely the time to look into any competitive product.  You will want to look into how they marketed their product on release.  You also want to make note of what marketing  ventures worked and what didn’t.  This information can obviously be used or manipulated to work to your benefit when you decide upon a release date.

Know Your Target Audience

To market your launch successfully, you will need to know who you want to market the product to.  What population will benefit most from the product or service your company will provide?  Narrow down the most likely prospect to actually have a need and have the ability to afford what you are offering.  This knowledge will be used to shape your marketing plan.

A competitor tries to solve the Rubik cube on the final day of the 2010 Rubik's Cube German Championships in the 3x3x3 cube 'Classical category' in the western German city of Bottrop on September 12, 2010. AFP PHOTO PATRIK STOLLARZ (Photo credit should read PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Roll Out The Release Efforts

Just as you should begin the release efforts before the launch date, you should just sort of roll out the launch as much as possible.  Keep the efforts flowing even after you have released your product.  Launch your website.  Sponsor parties and giveaways to stir up local interest.  Also, you could have a mini release in a remote location to test out the likeability of your product.  Some companies have been known to test their products as far away as Israel.

Keep Up With Progress

The fun doesn’t end once the product is launched.  You will have to keep tabs on your product’s success rates for quite some time.  Whatever marketing campaign you used during the prerelease and early release phase may need to be tweaked.  You have to stay up to date.  If it looks like you forgot about your own product, the rest of the world may use it as an excuse to lose interest as well.