Anybody who lives on earth and has even the slightest bit of interest in making use of the laws of economics to get ahead or at least create a better life for themselves knows that in addition to slaving away at any job you may have, you’re best served to pursue some investments as well. As mystified as the laws of economics are, they do exist and if you play the game correctly you can solidify your future faster than the average person ever will and you can get ahead financially, if that is indeed your plan.


Segmenting Your Investments According to Risk

Well if you are formally employed, two of these investment risk segments are probably already taken care of for you, one being your medium-risk investment which essentially just exists in the form of your daily commute to work for your paycheque. Then there’s the low-risk investment which comes in the form of your mandatory contribution to your pension fund. Those deductions from your salary which go to this pension fund effectively serve as your long-term, low risk investment of which the dividends will come in the form of how you cash out your pension fund when you retire.

Then there’s the high-risk investment segment, which you need to facilitate yourself, such as perhaps setting aside a portion of your salary to invest in a start-up, trade shares or CFDs or perhaps even take out a loan to start a business.

Further Segmenting High Risk Investments with Casinos

With the high risk investment segment the stakes are high, but you can further segment this bracket into even higher risk investments like those opportunities which are offered by the gambling industry. If you visit a casino, for example, that counts as a higher risk investment, but you can risk only a little bit of money to take advantage of the potential to win a lot of money.

Re-Evaluating the Risk — Gambling Aspects that Turn out Not to be So Risky

If you become a regular patron of the gambling industry and you perhaps take your casino gaming online, you’ll realise that the highest risk bracket of segmenting your investments can indeed be minimised by way of its risk. For example, if you play free slots win real money and then perhaps re-direct those winnings to a lower risk investment, you’re effectively turning a higher risk investment into one with a much lower risk, while you still enjoy the returns of a high-risk investment.

Refining Your High-Risk Strategy

Even if you’ve hit an early streak of luck with your online casino exploits as a means through which to explore some of the higher risk investments available to you, luck doesn’t last forever and you need to realise that it is in fact not about luck at all. You need to develop and refine a strategy which will see you getting ahead in the investment game much quicker than anyone might have ever anticipated, including your financial advisor, if you have one.