On this website we are all about diversity and development moving forward with close regard to the environment. If you look through some of the material here we talk about finance, investment and entrepreneurial projects. It’s good not to get too technical albeit there are there are some super products available on the market and technology doesn’t stop for anyone.

There is a company that has been around for more than 80 years and they have taken the development of plastics and polymers to a new level with some rather exciting research and development in that area. Without jumping into the deep end of discussing how plastics came to be created, it’s probably enough to remind you that the petro-chemical business has been responsible for plastics as we know them today.

This is not sustainable for the long term future of plastic. A company called Roquette has developed a bio-based plasticizer that is eco-friendly and not a direct by-product of our fossil fuels. 1What does that mean? This product will be perfect for applications in places such as schools, hospitals and indoor surfaces. The real bonus for mother Earth is that the material is biodegradable!

Roquette is also the world’s leading manufacturer of starch and they have developed a way in which to play around with this product and extract sorbitol which they then turn into an isosorbide. This final product has extensive uses in thermoplastics and curable resins.

What exactly is the application of curable resins? Applied to an almost endless list of products the resins make them scratch resistant, heat resistant, and hardens the surface. That means it is used on floors, machinery, heavy duty marine, plastics and electrical appliances. The inside of your computer is a good example, such as the motherboard. If you really want to know and understand how it all works then a visit to the website is highly recommended.