The world of business is wide open when it comes to different behaviors or personality types, but that doesn’t mean that all of those are good behaviors or personality types. There are, in fact, some really common types of things that people do in the business world that are better left alone, especially in a modern world of faster social communication.

Five of the behaviors to consider putting under a theoretical microscope include too much drinking, nepotism, putting profits over people, cutting corners with taxes, and following fad trends in the business world. If you’re taking part in any of these, consider alternate ways of getting things done.


Too Much Drinking


There’s a vision of the backroom board of directors with cigars and glasses of whiskey. This is all good until it goes overboard and becomes systemic on a personal level. We’ve all heard of business people that have driven themselves to a state where they need to go to rehab. Use alcohol sparingly, and you’ll avoid the consequences in terms of health, poor decision making, and even instances where drinking and driving back from meetings with people occur.




Hiring friends and family to work with you is definitely a double-edged sword. Whereas you know there’s a deeper level of trust and understanding that can come from this relationship, any sort of perceived conflict of interest can move toward really terrible fiscal and moral situations. In addition to that, sometimes family might expect you to hire them, even if they aren’t qualified. This brings the value of the entire company down severely.


Profits Over People


When company managers begin choosing profits over people, there are several detriments that can occur right away. People may begin to work less hard, knowing that their good work does not directly benefit them. People might also begin to feel less secure in their jobs, knowing that they could be fired if it would temporarily prop up the company’s bottom line.


Cutting Corners With Taxes


If you want to stay above ground when it comes to finances, hire an accountant to do business taxes, but make sure they don’t cut any corners. It’s common to try to get as much money back from taxes as possible, but when you begin to make things up to create a better financial flow for you, that can come back later in the form of negative litigation.


Following Fad Trends


In fast-moving businesses, there’s often a desire to jump on the bandwagon of whatever’s hot at the time. If you don’t have the right resources in the right place immediately, though, your company can end up putting out an inferior product or self-presentation, and lose the trust that people have on core services.