4 Important Reasons for Businesses to Use Data Loss Prevention Software

If you don’t understand how crippling data loss can be, you’ve probably been living in a cave for the last few years. When a person loses their data, it can be gutting, but when a business loses data, it can be the end of days; even if you survive the downtime and the negative reactions of those whose data you had on your system, you may find yourself facing large fines if you weren’t compliant, and that’s only going to become truer when the GDPR comes into effect next year. Continue reading “4 Important Reasons for Businesses to Use Data Loss Prevention Software”

Investment Options for Business Owners

It is essential for any business to have the necessary funds to keep operations running as smoothly and effectively as possible. This often means having a good amount of working capital, but you should also think about long term options as well. Investing some of the business’s profit/capital can often lead to greater profits and business capabilities further down the line, so here are some of the investment options. Continue reading “Investment Options for Business Owners”

Tips for students moving from one flat to another

Moving out of student’s halls and into your very first flat is very exciting, but it is also unknown territory.  We have compiled some tips to help you make your big move a success. Continue reading “Tips for students moving from one flat to another”

Taking Over the World: How to Prepare Your Business for Expansion

Growing a business, no matter how big it already is, takes a lot of time, energy and determination. It also takes a lot of planning. That’s why we’ve uncovered some of the most important steps you’ll need to consider when expanding your business. Continue reading “Taking Over the World: How to Prepare Your Business for Expansion”

How a HPI Check Can Save You Money

A HPI check involves gathering past details about a particular vehicle in order to determine its exact history and whether it is legitimate or could be stolen. It is a useful tool used by many prospective car buyers who want to ensure that the vehicle they are interested in is a good buy. Here are some of the ways a HPI check can save you money. Continue reading “How a HPI Check Can Save You Money”

The Business Of Handling Substance Abuse Issues In Professionals

The matter of substance abuse in the professional community is a delicate one. Drug abuse issues can easily tarnish the reputation of a successful business person. Though reputation is not the most important concept in life, it does matter to many hard working professionals. It matters a great deal for businesses and branding. Continue reading “The Business Of Handling Substance Abuse Issues In Professionals”

Could Invoice Finance Help Your Business?

Invoice finance is a tool used my many businesses to help get access to funding immediately. It involves selling customer invoices to a factor in order to release their value immediately, bypassing the lengthy waiting time of between 30-120 days which it usually takes for a customer to pay. Here are some of the advantages of invoice finance. Continue reading “Could Invoice Finance Help Your Business?”