The Evil of Money

It’s a funny world we live in isn’t it? Life can be sublime or a bit of a hassle. They say money is the root of all evil, and there’s a lot of truth in that. But money is also the root of most of life’s problems. Maybe we would be better off if we had stayed in caves and exchanged services for food, or food for food. Man always seems to be working to earn, earning to spend, then starting the cycle again. Sounds like a road to insanity.

Another aspect of money, or the lack of it, is that even when you don’t have enough money, you can find ways to get it. There are establishments out there that lend you money. Honest, there are. Banks provide money to companies whose business it is to lend you money. Sure, they make money by charging you interest, but when we need to satisfy our ‘I want that’ urges, it’s comforting to know that you can borrow.


House and Car

Buying a house and a car are the two big ticket items in your buying life. You might just buy the one house but it’s likely that you will buy a lot more than one car in your life. People just love cars but the darn things break down or get stolen or are in a crash. So you need to replace them if one of these events occurs. Buying a house is exciting but not half as exciting as purchasing a new car, or a used car.

If you won the lottery, picking out a car is going to be a lot of fun. If you are like the average ´Joe’, then buying a car will mean checking out things like model, maintenance, the look of the car and the ‘biggie’, can you afford the car you want? The ordinary guy is going to want finance and hopefully, you have been a good citizen, repaying all your loans on time and building up a lovely credit score.

Good Guy/Bad Credit Finance

But what if you haven’t been paying your loans back on time? What if you have fallen on hard times or just had a run of appalling luck and payments on loans have been a struggle? Buying a car is going to be a nightmare. Is there such a lending company that considers bad credit car finance? You are not a thief or a bad person. You are a law-abiding citizen, maybe with a family and a good job, but a couple of mistakes in repayments means unwelcome, and at times, unjustified black marks on your credit rating. Life can be rather unfair at times and it’s nice if you can find a company that looks at the person rather than the record. Yes, it might mean a slightly higher deposit and interest rate, but you have to pay for past mistakes somewhere, somehow. In the end, you can get that car and start all over again.