If you use the term ‘go bananas’ then you know something has gone crazy. So if I was to tell you that mobile browsing has gone bananas, then you will know exactly what I mean. Not long ago I was in China on a bit of business as well as pleasure, and I learnt how to use the subway system there which, by the way, is really awesome. They charge you 2RMB to travel anywhere, unlike London where you have to buy a card for £5 then charge it with a few quid more. Yes, you do get the £5 back here, but not necessarily at the point of purchase.


Anyway, without getting into subway and underground systems too much, I just wanted to say that the amount of people using the subway is a bit of an eye opener and it’s really a case of the quick and the dead getting on and off. Not uncommon in well populated cities, true. But when you are riding around you can’t help but notice the amount of passengers with their heads down looking at their mobile devices either playing games (usually) or browsing and chatting. I know it happens on the London underground as well but I don’t notice it so much because I am usually doing the same thing! In Beijing, I didn’t, or couldn’t use my smartphone because…right…I was in China!

Back home, I was talking to my iOS developer about my app because to ensure that your business is easily available you need your own app. He’s with Developerstars and said that users are the nucleus of every app development strategy. Amen to that, I said. If you can’t entice users to your app then that passionately created app fails and perhaps so does your business.

It was interesting discussing stuff like this with an app developer iOS because they are exposed to hundreds of clients every week wanting so many variations of applications that their heads must be spinning. The main point was that your product must be what the customer wants. Amen to that one as well. That’s pretty basic. To get the best from your app you need to offer added features that will help build a loyal user-following. Also your brand needs to be distinctive, viable and set apart from likely competitors.

The talk about features, well, they must be user-driven. Your customers need to be able to find the relevant information in the fastest and simplest ways. An example is a recommendation feature that lets users know all about that item or person very quickly. The app business is growing steadily and there seems no end to it. It’s worth you considering. And don’t forget about language. This is something I learned about in China. An enormous market but your app must be readable in Mandarin. Makes sense!