For as long as humans have been able to take addictive drugs, and for as long as humans have had the psychological issues that have led to addictive behavior, there’s been a need to pave a way to recovery somehow. Many times this is a personal pathway, while other times it requires external help – and that’s where the idea of rehab comes in.


But as with all things in post-industrial ages, sometimes you can mix the idea of a need with a business, and this is no different when it comes to professional rehabilitation facilities. They can either be for profit or not, but the same general principles apply.

The History

But before you look into the business part, it’s important to look into the history of rehab first. In terms of official origin, the idea of rehab was initially more about alcohol abuse, but over time the terms started to become synonymous across alcohol, drugs, and even behaviors, and the more data that’s been collected over time, the more the trends have shown that similar causes and recovery options bring them together as a collective concept.

The Methods

If you’ve never dealt with addiction or rehab and recovery yourself, then you may not be familiar with some of the most popular methods to deal with issues. But you’ll notice, as you read about each of them, that they can all cost money, and they can all require space, tools, materials, staff, etc. So it’s no surprise that a business enterprise grew up around the idea of having the best rehab facilities available. It’s one business that might definitely be better in the private sector rather than in state hands, in many instances.

The Technology

The technology to help people in recovery mode has improved drastically over the years. Many of the advances have come in the form of better medications and better analysis of the cause of addiction. As the difference between physical and mental addictions are discovered, business-minded people have found ways to deal with them separately.

Non-Profit Vs. Profit

When it comes to something like rehab, there are important distinctions to make from the outside as to whether a business is for-profit or not. Rehab is definitely not charity work, but depending on the focus of the business itself, the way money is handled can be quite different.

Businesses That Work Toward Social Good

And finally, rehab, as a natural reaction to addiction, is focused on public good. That means that even though there are business concerns and profit margins to be handled, any amount of work that these facilities do are going to be in the greater public interest, which is important to some business people.