Plastic bags have come under heavy attack in recent years due to the heavy pollution they cause both in our waterways and our cities. This poor publicity has led to more people adopting more eco-friendly alternatives.

Whilst plastic bags are still widely used around the world paper bags are becoming increasingly popular as many countries have started to disincentivise or flat out ban plastic bags. Here are some of the different ways paper bags are being introduced around the world. 

Increased demand for biodegradable bags in India

Plastic pollution is a big problem in India and the government is trying to do something about it. On October 2, India started to initiate the ban on 6 plastic products in the country. This concluded of plastic bags, cups, plates, single-use bottles and straws.

The move is attempting to cover all aspects of the economy in India, from manufacturing to usage and imports. This ban has provided a good opportunity for paper bag manufacturers in the country. Production has stepped up with ecofriendly paper bags being favoured over plastic ones.

The growth of the paper bag industry in the country is being supported by the wider growth of the paper market. The rising demand for education and increasing literacy rate is leading to a lot of ‘paper moguls’ taking advantage of the gap in the market.

Paper bags are being increasingly adopted in the UK

Every week it seems that a new retailer is seeking some positive publicity by adopting paper bags in their supermarkets. Beyond the main shopping bags, now bakery and vegetable smaller bags are becoming more paper-based. Tesco is the latest business to offer paper bags as part of their shopping experience. In addition to this suppliers to Tesco have been told that the supermarket reserves the right to refuse items that use too much or hard to recycle plastic.

Make the switch to paper bags for your business and the environment

The public in the UK and in other countries are increasingly wanting paper bags in the stores that they shop in as they are better for the environment and often have a more quality feel than plastic ones. Luckily there are plenty of paper bag suppliers out there with the expertise to meet the new demand for their product.