Business travel isn’t always a glamorous affair. From sleeping on the plane to having a bag constantly packed, your everyday routine can often be disturbed, leaving you feeling grumpy, disorientated, and downright miserable.

However, keeping your chin up and retaining a positive attitude is the first step to enjoying stress-free travels. Being considerate toward staff is more likely to get you an upgrade, receive above-average service, and bag great itinerary changes.

Nevertheless, maintaining a happy demeanor when you’re traveling for work isn’t all you can do to make business travel easy. Here are some more helpful dos and don’ts:

Do Plan Ahead

If you’re traveling to a new country or city on business, you don’t want to spend lots of time trying to find decent accommodation and restaurants once you arrive. Before you go, look for restaurants and hotels that are in a convenient location, being near to the airport, your business meetings, or local amenities. Keep your eyes peeled for hotels that are targeted toward businesspeople, too, e.g. African Pride by Marriott. That way you’ll probably get more help with transfers, dry cleaning, early breakfasts, and so on.

Don’t forget to download a local map while you’ve got Wi-Fi too because this will help you navigate the city when you arrive, without having to find Wi-Fi or use up your data roaming allowance.

Don’t Check Your Luggage

Business travel can stress you out enough without adding late or lost luggage into the mix. That’s why you might want to opt for carry-on luggage only. This allows you to use the airline’s online check-in service, go straight through security at the airport, and get rid of that time-consuming wait for your luggage when you arrive at your destination.

Do Keep Your Bag Packed

Packing for business trips can be taxing and time-consuming, so save yourself time by keeping your carry-on case packed with all the bits and bobs you may need. This may include clothes, shoes, accessories, and small toiletries that are allowed on flights. Opting for thinner laptops and tablets also makes life a lot easier, and if you can wear bulkier coats and shoes when you’re traveling in cold weather, this will allow you to continue traveling lightly.

Do Join a Rewards Program

If you’re always using the same airline, hotel, or rental-car company, you’ll probably find the staff going above their standard service levels for you.

By joining up to loyalty rewards or programs, it will increase your chances of getting priority boarding on flights, receiving premium hotel rooms, and enjoying first-class upgrades as you travel. Equally, if you’re recognized as a frequent customer, staff members will probably provide you with an unbeatable all-around service.

Do Keep Customer Service Numbers Handy

Finally, make sure you’re prepared for all scenarios by keeping customer service numbers on your cell phone. This will help you sort out any last-minute changes to your car or hotel reservations, and is great if there are any cancellations to your flight. Not only will you be able to start rearranging your travel plans quickly, but you won’t have to join the queue of other disgruntled passengers once you arrive at the airport.