The online world has opened many windows and doors for the determined to climb through, onto a level playing field. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you know your way around the interwebs, you will surely be able to dig up some opportunities for money.

A couple of opportunities may be found in a the proverbial box, though most of the lucrative and more fulfilling opportunities lie outside, and so I encourage you to look:


1. Blogging

One of the best ways to make money online is through blogging, since you not only get the chance to make cash on the side, but are also given a platform to express yourself and your views. While certain topics trend more than others, there are billions of people on the web, so it’s likely that your niche will have readers.

2. Get on the YouTube wagon

Perhaps one of the most innovative products of the internet, YouTube is a giant opportunity waiting to happen to anyone even slightly comfortable in front of a camera. It is similar to blogging in a way that you are free to express your views to the world. The line between traditional media and the online platform is slowly starting to blur.

3. Showcase your work online

Artists and writers are always given a platform to curate their work, which can sometimes be rewarded. There are a lot of tournaments online that you can join to test your skills and talents, and hopefully come away with cash. This is particularly strong for independent game developers, as the video gaming wave is still steadily rising due to continuously developing technology.


4. Mess about with online casinos

Whether you are a gambling man or not, there is still something to be said about betting your stakes online and coming out with more than you began with. Websites like will allow you to easily sign up and begin playing. If the gaming force is strong within you, then this might be your opportunity to make money off of it.

The world wide web is a broad horizon with many opportunities and hidden gold mines for those who have the patience and determination to find them. Regardless of your niche, you will definitely find a place there, seeing as billions of people utilize it. Just like the real world, those who work hard to know their way around will sooner or letter find the X that marks the spot.