Legal Cannabis is gaining popularity across many states in the US. It has many benefits which override the infamous defects it is known for. For many years’ marijuana has been classified as an illegal drug in many countries across the world. In the recent years due to extensive research on marijuana, countries have become enlightened on its benefits. They are now legalizing marijuana. This has created employment opportunities to many people; from farmers to distributors and sellers. You cannot definitely miss this opportunity of getting into a profit making business.

Cannabis farming is just like gardening; you cannot be perfect on the first day. You have to learn and become better by many times you practice. We have prepared step by step process on how to grow marijuana: from planting time to harvest time.

  • Choosing the Seeds

Everything begins with the seeds. Just like all other crops, we have to choose  best variety to get the high quality harvest. Seed varieties are many. they include: sativa , ruderalis and indica . They are some of the best varieties currently available in the market. You can look for the best seeds on seed to sale software.

  • Cannabis Fundamentals

In order  for cannabis to grow at its best and give you juicy buds, you have to understand some of the optimum conditions that the crop has to grow in.

Light; Marijuana has to be exposed to at least 12 hours of sunlight for every 24 -hour period. This can be controlled by your timers when the seedling is still growing indoors. Hydroponics can be used as a medium for growing cannabis. Cannabis require fresh air.

  • Light for Indoor Cannabis Growing

Compact fluorescent light bulbs and small LED panel setups can be used for indoor lighting if you are growing cannabis.

  • Germination and Cannabis seedlings

Germination of seeds requires three conditions; water, medium and temperature. The seeds will not germinate unless the three conditions are met. All they need is the right conditions and they will grow.

  • The Vegetative Phase of Cannabis

The moment the leaves are formed, photosynthesis commences. Your plants start to produce its own food through photosynthesis. The vegetative phase of cannabis has just began.

At this stage, the cannabis begin to grow quickly and requires a lot of light. At this stage you have to transfer the cannabis outdoors to get maximum light. You also have to ensure that water is in the right amounts.

  • The Blooming Period of Healthy Cannabis

Booming, flowering, and budding are all part of the blooming period of the cannabis. At this time, cannabis is growing very fast and is almost maturing. The next few months are very spectacular as the aromas begin to develop.

  • Harvesting, drying and curing for best quality buds

During the last few weeks, nutrients are ignored and your plants will be flushed out with clean water. This ensures that the marijuana that is harvested is flavor free of nutrient and built up salt aftertaste. There is no set way of harvesting marijuana. Some harvest  the buds while they are still green while others are harvested when they are dry.

Over to You

Marijuana is a crop that is easy to cultivate once you understand the procedure of growing it. The profits you accumulate once you get your customers  are great because the market is still large and unexplored. Take this opportunity to become a rich man.