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Do you have something new or interesting to say in the business management niche? I’m are always on the look out for guest post submissions from talented writers who have a unique view on this and closely related matters.

Read on for my guidelines!

Before you submit a post, have a look around the site and think about what do you like or dislike? Does it provide you with value? What it provides for you it will provide for others too.

We have an audicence of 3,000 unique visitors every month, there are others just like you who you can reach. Can you match the tone of the website? Can you match the style, the content length and the level of detail?

If you think you can deliver, then you’re almost there. The main obstacle to overcome is that in order to place an article on ecoinstitution you need to be writing better content than Ican.

These are the broad categories that I’m accepting posts on:

  1. Advertising
  2. Marketing
  3. Business Tips
  4. Entrepreneur Stories
  5. Investing
  6. Leadership and Management
  7. SaaS Guidance
  8. Technology
  9. Business Loans
  10. Finance

Here’s a few example guest posts for your review:

How your business can benefit from outsourcing
3 Small Changes to Make Today for a Healthier You
Put a Cork in your financial Holes
How Sleep Deprivation can affect your job performance

Can you exceed this quality?

What’s in it for you?

Your post will be published within 48 hours of it being submitted, You’ll get up to 3 links back to your site in the content or author bio, (these links are dofollow). You’ll get Exposure of your product/brand to a wider audience with over 3,000 unique visitors per month. What more do you need?

The Terms and Conditions

Original content only; I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been pitched stuff that a quick google shows is available elsewhere. So only original content please!

Article length isn’t that important but aim for around 400-900 The target audience is for the site (generally speaking) the Millenials age group. So make sure that your content is aimed at this group. We have about 50% male/female readership, so we try to maintain a gender neutral approach to writing.

Before you click submit have a read of the site and make sure that your topic hasn’t been covered already. If you’re not sure get in touch.

We like articles like ‘How To..’ and ‘Ultimate Guides’ and ‘Top 10’s’ these are always are welcome. But I also value a lot high quality researched articles that provide a different view on established areas.

Writing style should be semi-formal, and accessible to the target audience. Smart humour is ok. Please reference any facts to help illustrate your points. Lastly, personal experienced is really valued, personal anecdotes will help your article resonate with the readers!

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