INFOGRAPHIC – UK Street-Food Culture Explosion

The street-food culture in the UK has perhaps followed a bit of a slow and steady growth pattern, lagging a bit behind the more vibrant street food culture in the likes of Asia. There has however been a recent explosion in street food culture in the UK with street food growing in popularity. Many entrepreneurs may even be considering cashing on this recent street food explosion, in which case quality used Commercial Vans retailer has put together an infographic which details all the relevant considerations, including costs, types of vans, popular cuisine to sell, and the pros and cons of running a food truck. Check out the infographic: Continue reading “INFOGRAPHIC – UK Street-Food Culture Explosion”

How Can You Stop Customers Asking for Plastic Bags?

Single-use plastic carrier bags clog up landfills, escape into the countryside and the ocean, and are ultimately one of the biggest environmental problems facing the world today. Most businesses want to move away from them, but it’s ultimately the customer’s choice whether to request them or not. Being unable to provide single-use plastic bags may aggravate customers, so you might want to keep some available, but you can also follow the tips below to make your customers more amenable to an eco-friendly alternative. Continue reading “How Can You Stop Customers Asking for Plastic Bags?”

Top 5 Places People Leave Personal Items When Getting Rid of a Car

When people get rid of their cars, whether for recycling or to a new owner, they’re usually thinking about the brand-new model they’re about to pick up. This means that they frequently fail to look through the vehicle to make sure nothing has been left inside. An odd penny beneath a floor mat is nothing to get worried about, but you don’t want anything more valuable slipping through your fingers. Continue reading “Top 5 Places People Leave Personal Items When Getting Rid of a Car”

Want to Sell Your Home Quickly? Follow These Simple Steps…

Selling your home quickly can be a bit of a nightmare, particularly if the market is a little bit slow in your area. Quite often this means that, unless you’re willing to take a financial hit for a quick sale, it can take a long time for your home to sell. However, there’s no need for this to be the case, and there are actually a number of things that you can do to help move the sale process along. Here, we look at three of our top tips for when you want to sell your house. Continue reading “Want to Sell Your Home Quickly? Follow These Simple Steps…”