Should You Invest in Commercial Property?

Investing in commercial property can be a great way to earn a six-figure income. This is due to two reasons.

First, the real estate market in Australia is booming. If you invest in a property today, you can expect to make good returns 10 or 20 years from now when the value of your property has very likely doubled.

Second, many new businesses have set up in the last year while existing businesses are looking to expand their company operations. All these businesses need good commercial properties to set up their offices or stores. Continue reading “Should You Invest in Commercial Property?”

Investment Options for Business Owners

It is essential for any business to have the necessary funds to keep operations running as smoothly and effectively as possible. This often means having a good amount of working capital, but you should also think about long term options as well. Investing some of the business’s profit/capital can often lead to greater profits and business capabilities further down the line, so here are some of the investment options.  Continue reading “Investment Options for Business Owners”

How a HPI Check Can Save You Money

A HPI check involves gathering past details about a particular vehicle in order to determine its exact history and whether it is legitimate or could be stolen. It is a useful tool used by many prospective car buyers who want to ensure that the vehicle they are interested in is a good buy. Here are some of the ways a HPI check can save you money. Continue reading “How a HPI Check Can Save You Money”

Are you buying a Home in the UK? 5 Ways to Shop for the Lowest Mortgage Rates

Once you gain some stability in your life, getting a home will probably be on your to do list. Financing that sort of huge project can be tricky and gone were the days when mortgage lenders were falling over themselves to offer the best deals in the market in a bid to entice homebuyers. Swap rates have gone up causing lenders to increase mortgage rates. The regulatory bodies have also made it so that there are certain limitations on the side of the financiers, despite this, there are still many financiers who offer great deals. Continue reading “Are you buying a Home in the UK? 5 Ways to Shop for the Lowest Mortgage Rates”

Guide to Fixed Rate Mortgages for First Time Buyers

Getting a mortgage for many first time buyers can seem impossible, especially with the news that it takes almost a decade for a quarter of first time buyers to save their deposit. Then there are the long lists of criteria set by each individual lender, which may make first-time buyers feel a little hopeless. Continue reading “Guide to Fixed Rate Mortgages for First Time Buyers”

Listed Buildings Buying Guide

The prospect of buying a listed building means you can take ownership of a property that has years of history attached to it, but that obviously comes with a lot of challenges associated with the restoration and upkeep of an old building. You’ll also still have to adhere to the legalese governing the listed building system. Continue reading “Listed Buildings Buying Guide”

Pathway Improvements at Blackmoorfoort Reservoir

The scenic walking path running all along Blackmoorfoot reservoir, to the south-west of Huddersfield, has just received some improvements. Continue reading “Pathway Improvements at Blackmoorfoort Reservoir”