The medical field has long been considered one of the most secure job opportunities, with lucrative pay, available. While doctors do work long hours and endure heavy loads of stress, they often remain passionate about their field as they are able to help people on a daily basis. Upon completing medical school, you may be facing a decision about joining an established clinic or starting your own private practice.


For many doctors, their dream of practicing medicine involves a small, independently-owned practice where they can build their own patient base. It involves freedom of treatments and more involved patient-doctor relationships. However, before you choose this route, there are a few things you should consider.

Proper Planning

If there is anything that should be carefully planned and considered, it is the establishment of a private medical office. Your location, target patients, employees, operating procedures, and more must be carefully analyzed before you begin booking clients. As a doctor, you may be primarily concerned with the medicinal outreach, but your business will fail if you do not instill the same basic business principles as any other operation.

Customer Service

In any medical practice, it is crucial that patients are receiving great customer service. Every patient needs to feel heard by their doctor or they will seek care elsewhere. Having an unsanitary office, rude receptionists, poor client response, appropriate confidentiality, and ease of scheduling can all contribute to dissatisfaction among patients.

New practices must be especially aware of the first impression they are giving to patients. All patient concerns must be responded to in a timely manner, the scheduling program must be easy to use, and the office must be sanitary and welcoming. If need be, the management can have a Practice Management Software in place to ease the entire process. Also, offering extra amenities like water and coffee to patients can help boost their positive impression of your office.

Lack of Ingenuity

If you open the doors of your medical practice down the street from another medical practice and you are doing both doing essentially the same thing, where do you think patients will go? More often than not, they will go to the same doctor who is established and familiar in the community rather than try a new, unproven doctor. To establish yourself in a new community, you must be practicing in a way that is unique and effective.

For instance, consider a fresh look at the medical office, alternative medicinal practices, or implement cutting-edge technology. As a new doctor, you may be more likely to utilize technology for appointment scheduling or prescription reorders than the older family doctor down the road. The more steps you take to make your clinic stand out as being unique and new, the more likely you are to build a happy customer base.