Advertising your business can be a costly endeavour, especially in the offline world where there is still a premium on ad real estate. However physical advertising exists outside the world of billboards and magazines. Here are 5 interesting ways you can promote your business through packaging like wholesale paper bags and letters.

  1. Wholesale Paper Bags

Wholesale paper bags are great for the environment and with a little ingenuity, they can be great for your business. The material used in high-quality wholesale paper bags is great for both digital and screen printing which is great for giving you the best logo possible. Wholesale paper bags are a staple at careers and networking fairs

2. Recycling Bins

This is a bit of a funny one, but you would be surprised at the number of recycling schemes that are out there. Getting in touch with a few will help you do your bit for the environment and (potentially) put your joint branding on the recycling bin.

This could help you not only get your branding in front of new customers, but also appear more environmentally friendly which is becoming increasingly important to customers.

3. Letters

If you are in a business where you find yourself distributing items to customers via post you have an opportunity to get your brand through customer’s letterboxes. If you are a retail business make sure the branding on your wholesale bags is consistent with that on your letters to customers to hammer home the message.

4. Stickers

A relatively inexpensive way you can distribute branding to customers is through stickers. Giving Cheap Stickers along with some branded wholesale paper bags can reinforce your business in the minds of potential customers. However, keep in mind that this is not just the only way of using stickers for advertising your business. There are far better alternatives. For instance, you can paste transfer stickers on your work vehicles so that when the automobile is used for work-related deliveries, more people can check out the stickers and learn about your enterprise quickly.

Make sure the products you are advertising is high quality

Getting your logo in front of customers is a great start however if the merchandise you are advertising on is easily breakable then it will make your business appear cheap and unprofessional. To stop this happening make sure you go with a supplier that has a track record of delivering excellent merchandise to customers.