When it comes time to present your business’s social image, there are a lot of factors that you have to pay attention to. And honestly, it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re from a background that hasn’t ever put much emphasis on social media or things like viral branding via social channels.

So, five tips for helping to make this happen as a business owner include making sure you have a great professional profile, learning to use Twitter for business, learning why it’s important to have a professionally designed website structure, developing consistency in branding, and getting the basics down of how to create conversations that promote your business.

The Professional Profile

When you create a professional profile on LinkedIn, there are several things that happen. First, you’ll have a digital thumbprint with references regarding what your business is and how it connects to the world at large. Second, you’ll learn things that are important to the digital world as you’re filling all of the sections out. And third, you’ll give people a way to search for you and legitimize the claims that you’re making with primary resources.

Twitter for Business

Learning to use Twitter for business is a big deal these days as well, especially with all of the political and commercial interactions that are taking place currently. If you learn how to establish the mood of your company, and then link to resources that are up to date, relevant, and valuable to the people who follow you, then you’ve made several steps in the right direction. It does take some practice to use Twitter correctly, so be sure to follow business best practices specifically when you initially get your feet wet.

Professionally Designed Website Structure

For better or worse, a big part of any company’s social image is going to come through in its homepage on its website. And if you really want to compare favorably to other competitors, your best bet is to have your site professional designed and developed. It takes years to get the skills to make a great website, or a small price to pay a developer to do it for you almost instantly.

Consistency In Branding

Consistency is key when it comes to social image. If you have one mood or tone coming from one social platform, and then another mood or tone coming from another place, people who are trying to research you are going to get confused. It’s best that you avoid that, and decide on tone early for everything.

Creating Conversations

And finally, your social image may rely heavily on how well your business brand communicates in conversation inside of all the social media channels. You have to decide on a personality for your company, and then create a persona to speak from that perspective.