To understand the benefits of a hosted phone system, you must understand the cloud. Many people have heard of this in IT, but most don’t know what it is. It is basically a service which operates over the Internet, your company doesn’t need as much physical hardware on-site to benefit from using cloud-based software.

Cost Efficient

One of the biggest benefits associated with using hosted phone systems for business is the cost. You won’t encounter ongoing service charges like you’ll experience with traditional communications companies. In addition, the amount of money your business must pay for charges is far lower, you get to utilise phone services over the cloud which means you pay far less. A hosted phone system can be connected to any Internet access point which means employees can use the system from multiple locations. If some of your staff members don’t work on-site, a hosted phone system would be perfect for their needs, they’d even have access to the system when operating in remote locations.

When it comes to saving money for business communications, you won’t find anything better than using cloud technology. It eliminates the need for all kinds of things such as:

  • Business hardware
  • Expert engineers
  • Fixed location phone lines

If you want to improve output, then why not consider using hosted phone systems for your business. You can avail of cheaper rates and allow employees access to your system from numerous locations, they don’t have to be on-site to take important business calls. As long as they have access to the Internet, they can stay in touch with business associates, suppliers and shareholders at a moments notice.


Old-fashioned phone systems have numerous limitations, especially when it comes to adapting to the market. If your company was experiencing unprecedented growth, it would take a lot of time to adapt to using traditional phone systems. You’d require the help of multiple technicians who would also have to upgrade your hardware, so you would be able to deal with growth patterns in your organisation. On the other hand, a hosted telephone system such as one provided by Yellowcom or similar companies can be upgraded at a moment’s notice, so you can easily add extra lines to your service and have new employees fully integrated in no time.


Traditional phone systems aren’t as reliable as cloud-based software, if a storm hits or you encounter a power outage, you’ll generally find that your phone system is the first thing to go down. But, this isn’t the case when it comes to using a hosted phone service. A major disruption in your communications services is the last thing you want for your business, it can have a negative impact on sales and services.

Choosing to install traditional phone services can be costly, especially for new companies trying to grow in the market. You’ll spend a sizeable amount of money on maintenance and installation costs, plus you’ll have to fit new hardware in your premises every time you expand your operations. Hosted phone systems are highly dependable and incredibly flexible.