While it might seem like anyone can make money online, those making the most are those who built and designed websites that were more appealing to potential shoppers. You cannot simply throw up some capsules, highlight a few products and expect to retire from your job overnight or even within a few weeks. It takes time to build up your site and to reach customers. When you decide to design and launch a new business website to make sales and money, there are some simple things you must consider upfront.

Easy to Use Design

Have you ever found yourself on a website before that had so much going on that you had a hard time finding exactly what you wanted? Some online business owners believe in giving customers more than they wanted or needed because they think their pages will appeal to more people. This often results in shoppers simply backtracking to their search results and looking for another site. Your page should feature a simple look and design that puts the important content upfront and contains easy to follow and use links to other pages, categories and products.


Marketing Your Site

If you simply throw up a website and wait for customers to find you, the chances are good that you will never make a single dime from that site. You must find ways to market your website and get more viewers to your page. Search engine optimization is one way you can get more traffic. This involves using keywords that relate to the searches that shoppers do and using the right density of keywords. You will also want to connect your main site to social networking sites as well, including Twitter and Facebook. Some companies also find it helpful to run ads on Facebook and similar sites.

Privacy Protection

When designing your site, it’s important that you include some privacy protection for your shoppers. Walmart saw its sales drop after someone hacked the chain’s system and stole credit card information, and Target experienced a similar breach not long after. Customers shopping online today want to know that your website will protect their payment and shipping details and that no one will steal their valuable information. Letting your customers know upfront that you offer privacy protection is a good way to get those shoppers to buy from you.


Tracking Your Traffic

As you search for a way to build and design a free custom website, you may want to look for a host that lets you monitor and track the traffic coming into your site. This lets you see where the majority of your traffic comes from and lets you identify how to best advertise and market your site. You may find that you need to increase the ads running on certain sites or put more money into marketing through search engines.

Owning a website lets you make money every day of the year, but your site must include privacy protection and other elements that appeal to modern shoppers.