Every business wants to boost sales and using Eco Friendly Packaging, similar to Nature Pac’s range in New Zealand, is one of the most effective methods. Most assume that switching to eco-friendly packaging will be too time-consuming or expensive, but there’s a whole industry dedicated to making it a viable direction for businesses large and small.

Here are just a few ways eco-friendly packaging will see sales surging.

Appeals to Younger Consumers

All consumers are becoming aware of how important it is to look for eco-friendly products, so adopting eco-friendly packaging should appeal to people’s inner environmentalist. The effect is most significant when it comes to younger consumers. Research has shown that 59% of millennials consider sustainable packaging important. Four out of five consider packaging decisions and the product itself of equal importance.

Shapes Brand Identity

Building a strong brand identity is vital if you want to boost sales. It helps you stand out from the competition, bring in repeat business, and appeal to new customers, all while acting as a guide for future marketing. Eco-friendly packaging can become part of your brand image. By using sustainable, recyclable, and durable packaging materials, you help shape your identity in the most positive way possible.

Suggests Quality Over Economy

When a business uses eco-friendly packaging, it suggests to the world that they care about their products. Imagine two identical products. One uses eco-friendly packaging, and the other uses old-fashioned packaging. You’d probably assume the former is of higher quality because more of an effort has been made.

Underlines Your Value

Returning to those millennials, research found that 44% are willing to pay extra for products that use sustainable packaging, with fibre-based packaging materials viewed most favourably. That’s partly because using an eco-friendly material underlines the value of what you’re selling. If consumers can tell you used eco-friendly materials for the packaging, they’ll be willing to part with more of their own money.