When you start looking at office space – when to upgrade, you will have a difficult time deciding. There is no right or wrong answer, but there are certain points to consider that will make the process easier. Many companies decide to upgrade when they are in the process of moving into their new offices or when they notice that the current office furniture is no longer meeting their needs. There are benefits and drawbacks to upgrading your space at any time; here are some things to look at.

When to upgrade? Updating your office depends on several factors: how much room you have, what upgrades are needed such as a new printer, scanner or computer, are there better models of your current office equipment, and of course, when you see it is getting close to being obsolete and you would rather upgrade to take advantage of all the new features available. For example – if your business relies almost entirely on paper documents and has very few computer programs then it is likely that the computer, printers and scanners will be the primary drivers of your office productivity. If you have a wireless network that allows you to connect to email, chat or web conferences then these will also contribute to your office productivity.

When is the best time to upgrade? If you have an unused or under-utilized corner desk then it might be a good idea to upgrade to a more modern model that can add to your office clutter. On the other hand, you should only upgrade when you notice that something in your current setup is not meeting your needs. There are many cases when you can use a laptop or netbook while you are working, but for most offices this is not practical. You could upgrade to add wireless internet and video conferencing technology for a more productive workplace.

When to avoid upgrading? You should never upgrade to fill an empty office space. It is better to keep things simple and have space for everyone. It may be tempting to add too many equipment if you have plenty of room. This will make your office seem less cluttered and crowded, but the clutter multiplies rapidly, making it harder to collaborate with colleagues.

When to avoid upgrading? When there is no room for upgrades. If you have an office with three or four walls then there is not enough overhead space for additional equipment. Even if you can get it up, there is not the demand right now to have equipment hanging from the ceiling. It is usually better to keep everything simple and leave it as-is.

Office space is one of the most important factors in keeping a productive office. It is also one of the most misunderstood. Many people believe that they can upgrade when their budget dictates it. Office managers are often tempted to spend money on the latest fancy equipment when what they really need is an upgrade. Office managers should keep in mind that a comfortable office, a clean workspace and great office productivity are priceless.