You know you need to be marketing online, and that part of your online marketing plan needs to include social media and a blog. These things benefit your business in many great ways, including a reach around the world to many people that you wouldn’t be able to market to in your own town without the use of the internet.


However, local marketing can be important as well, depending on your business type. If you have some sort of brick and mortar business you want to let people know you’re there. But what are some more creative ways to market your business, aside from the business card, brochure, and ad in your local paper? Here are some ideas.

Plan An Event

One way to really promote your business and bring in new people is to host an event. It could be something as simple as a grand opening, if your business is fairly new, or something more planned and thought out like a charity benefit hosted by your business.

You could have a big sale, like an end of season sale. Or, for something really fun and out of the box, have a carnival at your business. You can simply have bounce houses and strong man games, rather than big rides that will cost a lot in insurance coverage. Have games and prizes, that include freebies and discounts.

Get Some Swag

Freebies are a great way to market, even if you don’t need them for prizes. Have items to give free to your first ten people through the door on a special sale day. It doesn’t matter what they are getting for free, but you could make it some fun advertisement swag.

These types of things would include t-shirts, can koozies, pens, flashlights, and water bottles. This is just a small list of the great items you can get with your business name and info on. You can even go for something different, like the custom magic 8 ball, which is in trend nowadays (click here for more on this). Alternatively, you can also customize mobile cases and fridge magnets and offer them to potential customers to spread brand awareness. Once you’ve found out which items are more popular, after your first couple of events, you can stick with things people like more.

Set Up A Table

Don’t just stay in your own building to get your business name out there. Marketing local also means setting up a table at the local business expo, and even the local farmer’s market. These are great places to set up a table and talk to local people about what your business does, and what you can offer them.

It’s also a great place to offer up that sawg. You can promote sales and more with your little table. Depending on your business, you can offer up samples of your products and services as well, to help peak people’s interest.