When one just takes the time read up about Silicon Valley culture, particularly the funding culture, it would only be natural to think that that community is made up of a bunch of nutters. The amount of money which is poured into ideas is insane and what’s perhaps even more insane is the manner in which the hedge funds go about allocating funds, with their willingness to fund almost any start-up based on the premise that one out of about ten goes on to be so successful that it pays for the funding of all the other eight or nine funded start-ups which weren’t quite as successful, if at all.

There’s a method to this madness however and although we often only go on to hear about the insane successes realised by some of the more popular start-ups, there are lots of other start-ups which go on to be just as insanely successful, but have their success play out under the radar.

In fact, some of the most successful tech start-ups are indeed under the radar and are perhaps best served remaining that way. You could be walking right past a shareholder, co-founder or owner of a wildly successful tech start-up in one of the aisles of your local grocery store without even knowing that you’ve walked past one of the richest people in your 100km radius! The most successful of these types of people wouldn’t have it any other way because the power of their success resides in their relative anonymity.

Some of what are the most successful tech start-ups a lot of people don’t know too much about will surprise you by way of how people actually use tech to generate insane amounts of money. The stats grad with a programming background and perhaps a little bit of an analytical flair might find it rather fun to migrate physical casino games to the online space for instance, with the likes of the Book of Ra Online Slot so many of us enjoy playing serving as a perfect example. Online casino platforms which offers such games never seem to feature as Silicon Valley success stories however, but these are perhaps the most successful types of tech start-ups.

Owning your own online casino is perhaps something which can never be realised as an individual (it takes a lot to get one approved, operational and keep it running at critical mass to make profits), but if you did manage to get some ownership of an online casino with a group of other key players, what you’d effectively have in your hands is a licence to print money. If you can make a lot of money through the winnings you amass by playing online casino favourites such as the mentioned Book of Ra, can you just imagine how much the house is making?

Why do you think commercial sponsors of some of the world’s biggest football clubs are indeed online casino platforms as opposed to the likes of Facebook or Google? It’s because these silent killers of the tech industry are more open to the public by way of the opportunities to get in on the action, so you can get your piece of the action by simply playing online slots, for example.