Moving to London is a big step wherever you may have lived previously and getting it right can seem like a monumental task at times. But knowing the tips and tricks to get you to the place you want to be at a price you can afford. Whether you’re looking at cityscape London living or suburban, countryside balance and easy transport connections, there are a variety of ways you can take on the big city and not worry about compromising on your plans.

Shared Ownership

One of the best ways you can get your footing on the property ladder in London is through shared ownership. Allowing you to part buy, part rent your home, this hack is an ideal way to get on the property ladder. While not only ensuring you pay a small deposit as you only have to put a down payment on the share you want to own, it also means your mortgage is much smaller and more manageable and therefore easy to get your hands on. Shared ownership is available across London from Ockford to Ilford and with many of these properties being new builds and high spec city apartments, the scheme is a real steal if you’re in love with London living.

Transport connections

One of the most important parts about choosing where you want to live in London is taking into consideration how you’re going to get around. With London’s extensive transport network moving somewhere close by to an underground station or a local train station may be worth thinking about especially if you’re going to be needing to get around the city throughout the day without worrying too much about changing or complications. Shared Ownership homes at Tower Hamlets is a great spot within central London that is closeby to plenty of major stations and within working distance from plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes.

London Suburbs

If the busy bustle of London is something you’d like to just dip in and out of rather than be constantly surrounded by then something like shared ownership homes in Surrey may be the perfect option. London suburbs offer a lot in terms of their green spaces, good schools, connectivity to the capital and general amenities. Surrey is a great option with a spotless reputation, quick connections to London and affluent dreamy surroundings.

Help to Buy

Another great scheme helping London lovers move to their dream home in the capital is Help to Buy. Help to Buy offers those buying a home in the capital a 40% equity loan on their property and the ability to pay just a 5% deposit. This means you are left with just 55% of the value to obtain a mortgage for, taking the pressure off your finances. The loan also carries 0% interest for the first 5 years making it a lot less daunting in those initial years as a first time buyer. From Southwood to Hackney Wick you can choose from a range of properties at a great place.

So whether you choose suburban living with a commuter-friendly home or something a little more central takes your fancy, do your research when it comes to first time buyer schemes and you may well be on the way to owning your dream home in the capital.