In order to have a well-rounded organization, CEOs and line managers have to put in a lot of efforts to make sure that all the employees work well with each other. Today, the work force is made up of different types of people, so it is a task to manage the generation gap. Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which you can understand the generational needs of the employees.

Try to Understand Them Better

If you are making millennials and baby boomers work together, you will have to understand the fact that both the generations have different sets of needs. For example, it is a known fact that millennials like to think outside the box, whereas baby boomers or Gen X tend to follow their old ways. What you need to do is have an open mind and accept things as they come.

Reward Them

Your employee may have different ways of working, but their intrinsic need is the same, which is to be appreciated and recognized. How do you do this? By having reward and recognition programmes for all the high performers.

Establish a Mentor-Mentee Program

One great way to make different generations work with each other is by giving them chance to learn from each other. Facilitate cross generational learning and provide the people a balanced platform because it will help them to build strong interpersonal relationships.

Have a Supportive Attitude

You need to have a supportive attitude if you want your employees to work efficiently. If you will approach the staff members with positivity, there are more chances of you connecting with them.

Get Rid of “One-size-fits-all” Approach

One of the worst mistakes that you can make in an organization that has a diverse workforce is having a “One-size-fits-all” approach. You know that different generations have different styles of working, so why do you think that one management style can be used for them? If you seek organizational success, learn to tailor your management style as per the situation. You may also need to make sure that your employees are provided with the best flexible benefits that meet their needs. This could ensure that they don’t leave your organization at any cost.

Have Reasonable Expectations

As a manager or CEO, you will have certain expectations from your employees, but make sure that you are reasonable and are taking the generation gap into account when you are asking them to do something for you.

Communicate Well

Organizations that have an open-door policy tend to so better than organizations that don’t. One of the best ways to communicate with people from different generations is to have a roundtable meeting with all of them, so that all the ideas can be discussed in front of all the employees.

The truth is that age gap in the work force has an impact on productivity in a work place. However, instead of being fearful of such situations, it is a good practice to have embrace and have effective strategies to deal with them.